Ada Jonuse of Lympo, The First-Ever Sports NFT Minting Platform, Plus: Dog Coin Boom, 1inch Crypto-Themed NFT Series, Doja Cat NFTs, And More...


Most people have heard that sports stars care about NFTs and crypto but most still don't understand why. Learn more about NFTs in action as your hosts talk with Ada Jonuse on how she came up with the idea for her startup and how it achieved the success it has today. Lympo is a gamified sports NFT ecosystem that she co-founded in 2016. Ada’s an enthusiastic founder whose inspiration comes from many sources, including meditation, science, and art. In this episode, she discusses what it’s like to start out, identify where to pivot, and create deals that work. Join in as the crew explores the business side and the human element of how NFTs are changing sports.