Matt Mason of Palm NFT Studio - From Pirate Radio To NFTs For Damien Hirst, Space Jam & DC Comics, Plus: NFLPA Dapper Collab, Epic Games CEO Is Anti-NFT And More...


Just like the internet, NFT is a technology that promises new global opportunities and stands to be integrated fully into our lives long-term. In this episode, Matt Mason, the Chief Content Officer of Palm NFT Studio, shares his thoughts on the NFT industry. He tells us how he got into the NFT space, taking us from his start at Pirate Radio, to his time at BitTorrent, forays into Bitcoin, and deeper dives into crypto and NFTs. Discover what Matt is doing now at Palm NFT Studio and find out some of their latest and biggest collaborations from Damien Hirst to DC comics. Listen in to about Palm NFT Studio's big plans for the future.