VC Yohei Nakajima Discusses PixelBeasts, His 24x24 Pixel Exploration Into NFT Art, Plus: A Bonus Conversation With Creatify CEO, Michael Krilivsky, And More...


The NFT-aware community is still relatively small but explorations into the world of NFT don't have to be lonely. With a great, creative community to explore with, the NFT space can feel like a big, friendly party. Yohei Nakajima is taking this concept up a notch and developed a generative NFT collection full of curious creatures exploring the metaverse looking for friends to play with: PixelBeasts. He joins today’s episodes to take us deep into his 10K NFT project, sharing how he started in the world of NFT while continuing his career as an early-stage venture capitalist. We learn lots from Yohei. He talks about the visible and invisible attributes that are driving rarities. He discusses the communities of tech investors and NFT enthusiasts that he's encountered. He shares his philosophy behind not choosing to have a roadmap for PixelBeasts. There are so many more nuggets in this conversation, so don’t miss out and get to know Yohei and PixelBeasts.