Tom Bilyeu Of Impact Theory On Tomorrow's Founder's Key NFT Drop, The Power Of Community, The Incredible Process of Building Desire And Much More...


On Today's episode, we welcome Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition to discuss his highly anticipated Founder's Key NFT drop. We've fast-tracked this episode release so you can get in on the launch that's happening tomorrow! Tom has achieved massive success in many endeavors and brought a ton of wisdom to the episode. Highlights include his unique understanding of the power of building desire, and a discussion of how connecting deeply with a community provides unimaginable leverage and negotiating power. The Founder's Key project is an ambitious undertaking with a long-term vision incorporating comics, education, entertainment and ultimately strives to empower generations to come in a huge way. Listen in as Eathan Janney, Josh Kriger, and Jeff Kelley host a rousing conversation with the high-impact leader, Tom Bilyeu.