Mickey Maher of Dapper Labs - CryptoKitties to NBA Top Shot & Beyond, Plus: Snoop Dogg is @CozmoMedici, Snoop's NFT Party Pass, OpenSea NFT App, And More...


The NFT space is evolving at a rapid pace, and Dapper Labs wants to be at the forefront of these changes. With projects such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties under their belt, what’s next for this company? We get the answer to that question in this episode as Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger discuss the future of NFTs and blockchain with the SVP of partnerships at Dapper Labs, Mickey Maher. Mickey talks about how he got introduced to the NFT space and clues us in on what's to come. Tune in for a great look at the NFT space from someone intimately associated with the top NFT projects of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.