The Edge of NFT Newsletter | Issue #2

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😍 Listener Love: Learn, Earn, and Build

Koii Network x Edge of NFT 1000 Winner Token Giveaway

Koii Network together with Edge of NFT is giving away 500 Koii Tokens to 1000 winners to celebrate the launch of Finnie Wallet - the wallet that lets you earn crypto on every NFT you own. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 9 September 2021)

David Meltzer X Edge of NFT Book Giveaway

Edge of NFT is giving away 3 books by David Meltzer entitled "Connected to Goodness"so you can also manifest everything you desire in Business and Life. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 28 August 2021)

Giveaway ending soon…

Zen.Run X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Zed.Run together with Edge of NFT is giving away $150 in wrapped ETH to celebrate the $30+ million worth of Zed horses that have been sold so far. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 20 August 2021)

EcoFi X Edge of NFT Lithograph and NFT Giveaway

EcoFi has partnered with Edge of NFT to give away a Picasso lithograph valued at $7,500 with a Certificate of Authenticity and 10 Minted NFTs that represent the entirety of the fractions of the litho print to celebrate the launch of HYPE. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 22 August 2021)

Guild of Guardians X Edge of Legendary Summon Giveaway

Guild of Guardians is collaborating with Edge of NFT is giving away ONE super-rare Legendary Hero Summon NFT worth $250 to celebrate the success of the platform. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 24 August 2021)

📻 Edge of NFT Episode Drops

Episode 33: David Meltzer — A Sports and Entertainment Mogul's Perspective On NFTs

Come and listen to how David Meltzer created his career and how NFTs play a role in it. Learn how he vets new opportunities and what business is like in the fantasy sports industry. Discover how to be successful in the NFT space today.

Episode 34: Al Morris Of Koii On Building The Infrastructure Of The Attention Economy

Underlying all our interactions there is an attention economy and methods to quantify and capture the value of attention are continuously expanding. In this episode, Al Morris, CEO and founder of the Koii Network, shares how he’s working to decentralize control within the attention economy and build an infrastructure for content creators to earn directly from the attention they receive.

🥚 NFT Nuggets


Fortune is Selling Its Newest Cover Design as NFT Art


NFT Game Axie Infinity Crosses Milestone: Over $1B In Sales


FTX is Creating an NFT-focused Sports and Entertainment Marketplace


Messi has an NFT of his own: One-of-a-kind art for a one-of-a-kind player


NFTs can be a good pathway to draw women into crypto, says Lavinia Osbourne

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