The NFT Newsletter | Issue #6

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😍 Listener Love: Learn, Earn, and Build

Win prizes that are only available here. A total of over $5,000 in value. Help co-create the ecosystem. We have more exciting giveaways this week and some that you still have time to enter.

PixelBeasts X Edge of NFT Giveaway

PixelBeasts are curious creatures exploring the metaverse looking for friends to play with — they like to build, share, and collaborate on cross-NFT utility tools. PixelBeasts are 10k unique randomly computer-generated 24x24 pixel pieces of art, from 2 million combinations. There are 41 base beasts, both real and mythical, adorning cute outfits, ready to party.

Creatify and PixelBeasts are teaming up to give away 2 amazing #pixelbeasts to lucky winners. These PixelBeasts are stuffed with fun attributes to allow for easy experimentation and for building cross-NFT utilities. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 21 October 2021)

Dapper Labs X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Dapper Labs uses the power of play to deliver blockchain-based experiences and digital collectibles that are made for you and ready for the real world. They create products for real people. Product before promises. Instead of talking about what may be possible, they let you experience it for yourself.

It's Edge of NFT's 50th episode! To celebrate this special milestone, we have partnered with Dapper Labs to give away 10 rare bundles of Chainmonsters Genesis. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 20 October 2021)

Pastel X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Pastel is the world’s preeminent protocol standard for NFT technology. Pastel also allows for the development of third-party applications to sit on top of its Network, enabling developers to enjoy the scalable registration features, storage processes, and security of the broader ecosystem.

Pastel has partnered with Edge of NFT to give away a total of 500,000 PSL to 5 winners (each winner will get 100,000 PSL) to celebrate the launch of the platform. Learn more here. (Contest ends on 15 October 2021)

Giveaways ending soon…

Dreamverse Ticket Giveaway

Dreamverse is a two-day festival that brings together the best digital artists in the NFT space on November 4, 2021, at Terminal 5, NYC. It is produced by Metapurse, the largest NFT fund in the world, founded and financed by Metakovan, and operated jointly with Twobadour.

Edge of NFT together with Metapurse is giving away a VIP ticket to this much-awaited music and technology festival plus 7 general admission tickets. VIP tickets are already sold out and only a few general admission tickets are left. This is your only chance to acquire them. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 15 October 2021)

Alien Invaders X Edge of NFT Giveaway

On September 10, 2021, the Grey Disclosures 51 paper was released by the Pentagon. It confirmed the existence of aliens among us, camouflaged carefully into the civilian population. Their goal: A full-scale invasion and colonization of planet Earth. There are currently 10,000 Invaders among us. 

Space Invaders and Edge of NFT are giving away a SPACESHIP and 2 INVADERS for FREE to celebrate the successful launch of the collection. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 15 October 2021)

⭐ Featured Collaborators

Praise just held their launch event last weekend in the Hollywood Hills. The event features unique NFT art from local artists, live podcasts with industry experts, multiple DJs from the LA area, a red carpet photoshoot, and more. They have selected remarkable people from across the globe to attend. The event brought a diverse set of people together in a collective space for a common cause.

Check out Edge of NFT's interview with David Bianchi and find out about what’s he cooking in the NFT space.

💧 Drop Spotlight

Founder’s Ket NFT Drop

Edge of NFT welcomed Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition to discuss his highly anticipated Founder's Key NFT drop. The Founder's Key project is an ambitious undertaking with a long-term vision incorporating comics, education, and entertainment that ultimately strives to empower generations to come in a huge way. Listen in as Eathan Janney, Josh Kriger, and Jeff Kelley host a rousing conversation with the high-impact leader, Tom Bilyeu.

Learn more here:

We are also doing a cool contest to give away Edge of NT 1st Edition Trucker in celebration of Impact Theory’s show and drop. You can find more info here:

📻 Edge of NFT Episode Drops

EP 50 Mickey Maher of Dapper Labs - CryptoKitties to NBA Top Shot & Beyond

The NFT space is evolving at a rapid pace, and Dapper Labs wants to be at the forefront of these changes. With projects such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties under their belt, what’s next for this company?

EP 51 Twobadour Of Metapurse (Medicis Of The Metaverse) Presents Dreamverse

Have you heard? The most monumental NFT gathering in the is world happening soon! Dreamverse is the world’s first NFT Festival and is happening on the 4th of November and features top musical acts such as Alesso and an array of OG NFT artists. Joining Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger is Twobadour, also known as the Steward of Metapurse, the world’s largest NFT fund, and production studio.

🥚 NFT Nuggets


The Latest NFT Project To Take Over The Metaverse While Making a Change: Fancy Frenchies


Epic’s CEO has bad news if you were hoping to see Fortnite NFTs


Twitter To Finally Embrace Ethereum And NFT Avatars


Free DC x Palm NFT


Dapper Labs Acquires Brud, Shifts Focus To DAOs - Bitcoinist

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