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😍 Listener Love: Learn, Earn, and Build

We have given away over $25,000 in prizes, but who’s counting? We have more exciting giveaways this week and some that you still have time to enter.

Dreamverse Ticket Giveaway

Dreamverse is a two-day festival that brings together the best digital artists in the NFT space on November 4, 2021, at Terminal 5, NYC. It is produced by Metapurse, the largest NFT fund in the world, founded and financed by Metakovan, and operated jointly with Twobadour. Edge of NFT together with Metapurse is giving away a VIP ticket to this much-awaited music and technology festival plus 7 general admission tickets. VIP tickets are already sold out and only a few general admission tickets are left. This is your only chance to acquire them. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 15 October 2021)

Alien Invaders X Edge of NFT Giveaway

On September 10, 2021, the Grey Disclosures 51 paper was released by the Pentagon. It confirmed the existence of aliens among us, camouflaged carefully into the civilian population. Their goal: A full-scale invasion and colonization of planet Earth. There are currently 10,000 Invaders among us. Space Invaders and Edge of NFT are giving away a SPACESHIP and 2 INVADERS for FREE to celebrate the successful launch of the collection. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 15 October 2021)

Mirror World X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Mirror World is a blockchain-based virtual world, also known as the Metaverse, where they aim to connect Mirror World with different games and experiences, allowing users to move through different game scenarios with interconnected & independent economic systems. To celebrate the official sale launch on September 30, Mirror World and Edge of NFT are giving away 3 Mirror NFTs. 

Each Mirror can be leveled up to co-create narratives by talking with the collector, also offering a series of rights in future games. The current average price is 0.099 ETH as of Monday, September 27, 2021. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 14 October 2021)

YellowHeart X Edge of NFT Giveaway

YellowHeart is a leading NFT marketplace for music NFTs, tickets, community tokens, and more. They are leveraging the blockchain's power to bulldoze the norms of selling tickets and art by creating an asset class that recognizes that buyers need a mechanism to irrevocably trace the provenance of a tradeable item. ​Move like Jagger because YellowHeart and Edge of NFT are giving away 5 Maroon 5 DAO Passes to 5 lucky winners. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 8 October 2021)

Giveaways ending soon…

Mogul Productions X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Mogul is a global NFT and DeFi platform for film and entertainment. Their mission is to reimagine film production, distribution, and fan participation utilizing the power of the crowd through blockchain technology for its many benefits, such as transparency, tracking, security, and more. In partnership with Mogul Productions, we are giving away an All-Access NFT originally priced at around $3,000 (1ETH). Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 4 October 2021)

Ethereals X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Dropping just in time for the spooky season, Ethereals are uniquely hand-drawn interdimensional ghosts, randomly generated and minted on the Etherium blockchain. Their traits are pulled from all reaches of the metaverse and include surprising cultural references all the way down to super-insider rarities.​ As a treat for the upcoming Halloween season, Ethereals and Edge of NFT are giving away 3 spooky Ethereals NFTs (valued at .0678 ETH) to 3 lucky winners. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 6 October 2021)

⭐ Featured Collaborators

Governance and The Decentraland DAO

Decentraland has caused quite a stir in the NFT space as a platform to create, explore, and trade in the first-ever virtual world owned by its users that helps you push the limits of your imagination. But what boundaries are in place to help protect its community from potential harm that comes from such an unconstrained virtual reality?

Join your hosts Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley & Josh Kriger as they chat with former Decentraland project manager and current DAO facilitator Trevor Waldorf. He explains just how the DAO community works for its users. As a growing community, he shares how you can contribute to Decentraland DAO and the governance around this virtual world.

Learn more here:

💧 Drop Spotlight

Mirror World

Mirror is an intelligent being based on the ERC-721 standard (NFT). Each Mirrors has a distinctive appearance, level, and unique soul. They learn from the data that humans left on social networks, constantly iterating their minds through self-learning and evolving at the same time.

Each Mirror contains basic feature information such as background, skin, shoes, pants, clothes, hair, beard, hat, accessories, soul, and so on. Meanwhile, there are 10 integral suits in the design of these features: Astronaut suit, Fly Princess suit, Mecha suit, Pirate Captain suit, Vampire suit, Dinichthys suit, Vacation suit, Samurai suit, Zombie suit, and Cat Maid suit.

In addition, there are a series of secret versions waiting to be discovered. Only when you start interacting with these virtual beings, will you gradually discover that there are so many incredible and interesting things happening in Mirror World.

The official sale for Mirror NFT is scheduled for 30 September 2021 at 8 AM PST. To view the collection please visit

📻 Edge of NFT Episode Drops

EP 45 Garrett Minks Of RAIR: "Not All NFTs Are Created Equal"

NFTs are revolutionizing streaming content, and RAIR is at the forefront of this movement. Designed to solve the thorny issue of digital ownership, RAIR and CTO Garett Minks are focused on the true authenticity, exclusivity, and durability of digital assets. We also hear from Allen Crosby of BohoBones as he drops by to talk about music and licensing rights for creators and owners of NFTs within Boho's groundbreaking project. Tune in and get more cutting-edge NFT news in this episode.

EP 46 Josh Katz From YellowHeart—Environmentally Friendly Music NFTs, Tickets, And Community Tokens

Scalpers are hurting artists and fans. Is there a better way to sell tickets? There is – by using environment-friendly music NFTs! Eathan, Jeff & Josh welcome Josh Katz, the CEO of YellowHeart. Josh (Katz) explains how YellowHeart allows artists to sell their tickets, albums, and merchandise directly to fans. Tune in to learn more about the future of NFTs in the music industry!

🥚 NFT Nuggets


Peace and Freedom Series: The Artist - Jabu


NFT Game Steals Artwork, Gets Called Out, Deletes Account


Animoca Brands to Acquire Majority Stake in Bondly


Let the ghouls have fun this Halloween with Ethereals


OpenSea admits insider trading of NFTs it promoted

The NFT Revolution happening now and how it is changing our world. Join your co-hosts Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Josh Kriger who will be one of the moderators of this 3-day conference dedicated to everything NFTs be part of the biggest digital shift happening now in the world of non-fungible tokens. Learn the latest from top NFT experts from around the world who will share their knowledge and experience during the conference!

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