The NFT Newsletter | Issue #4

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😍 Listener Love: Learn, Earn, and Build

We have given away over $25,000 in prizes, but who’s counting? We have three new exciting contests this week and one that you still have time entering.

Boho Bones X Edge of NFT ETH Giveaway

Boho Bones have created an amazing visual experience for their holders that is also paired with groundbreaking full rights of ownership to award-winning audio samples created by their in-house award-winning producer. Their vision is long-term - supporting artists and entertaining the community are essential elements from the onset of this project and well into its future.

Boho Bones and Edge of NFT are giving away 5 #bohobones NFTs to celebrate their successful first week of minting and the amazing fan response to #bohobones. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 23 September 2021)

Chris Farley NFT Giveaway

MORE Management, LLC and Farley Entertainment, Inc have announced the first officially authorized Chris Farley NFT collection on the Open Sea platform. The collection includes digital art inspired by Chris in some of his most iconic roles including a 1 of 1 Matt Foley, scenes from the classic comedy movie Tommy Boy and more. MORE Management and Edge of NFT are giving away 3 #ChrisFarley NFTs to celebrate the launch of the collection. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 30 September 2021)

KOII Network x Edge of NFT Token Giveaway

Koii recently unveiled a revolutionary new approach to NFTs that will completely redefine the way we interact with content on the Internet. Koii Garden Party is a live Metaverse event hosted in the Shanghai Gallery (includes exciting & creative party favors!). This virtual event will take place on Monday, Sep 27th at 2:00 pm ADT, and speakers will include Darren Kleine, Carlos Lucien Romero, and our very own Edge of NFT co-hosts.

Koii Network and Edge of NFT are excited to give away 500 Koii Tokens to the first 300 participants. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 1 October 2021 )

Lympo X Edge of NFT Giveaway

Lympo Lympo is the #1 Sports NFTs minting platform. They exclusively mint sporting NFTs of real-life sports stars, world champions, influencers, enthusiasts, eSports teams, and more. They have created a great NFT model that can reward all participants with fun and value. Lympo together with Edge of NFT is giving away sports NFTs to 250 winners. Become one of the few people in the world to hold their rarest digital collectibles yet! Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 29 September 2021) X Edge of NFT Giveaway, a Cambridge, UK-based artificial intelligence lab, is building a decentralized machine learning platform based on a distributed ledger, that enables secure sharing, connection, and transaction based on any data globally. As you can imagine, they can facilitate some very serious and practical AI projects. On the flip side, has developed COLEARN pAInt, a fun, creative, and interactive NFT project that allows AI to beautify and enrich our lives like never before. has partnered with Edge of NFT to give away co-created NFT Art made from COLEARN pAInt technology along with crowdsourced human feedback. You now have a chance to win some of this cool, groundbreaking art to celebrate the success of the platform with us. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends 22 September 2021)

⭐ Featured Collaborators

Hot Topic Special Feature: Boho Bones with Andy Crosby

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Swim, The Social Equity Ecosystem that incentivizes carbon-negative initiatives across the blockchain, is announcing the launch of the Boho Bones NFT series. Boho Bones comes complete with 150 unique instrumental songs for token holders to remix, sample, or reproduce as they see fit. 12,345 Boho Bones tokens will be issued, and token holders will have complete commercial rights to a library of 121 unique loops. The minting cost will be .08 ETH each.

Hot Topics: Mona Launches NFT Gallery Plus KOII's Narcissus Garden Party

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MoNa, the 3D creator economy for the metaverse, has just launched and unveiled its Future Gallery, a network of interconnected virtual spaces that provide NFT artists with the opportunity to display their work in its original high-resolution and high-fidelity format and sell directly to buyers.  To mark the launch, MoNA has partnered with several celebrated NFT artists, including Foodmasku, Dario De Siena, and more to curate unique collections for the MoNA Future Gallery.

Also, get ready for KOII's upcoming Narcissus Garden Party. This virtual event will take place on Monday, Sep 27th at 2:00 pm ADT, and speakers will include Darren Kleine, Carlos Lucien Romero, and the hosts of the Edge of NFT podcast. They will be giving away some exciting party favors that showcase Koii's creator-friendly features, so be sure to register and have your Finnie wallet ready!

💧 Drop Spotlight

Chris Farley NFTs Drop

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MORE Management, LLC and Farley Entertainment, Inc have announced the first officially authorized Chris Farley NFT collection on the Open Sea platform.

The collection includes digital art inspired by Chris in some of his most iconic roles including a 1 of 1 Matt Foley and scenes from the classic comedy movies Tommy Boy, plus NFT artworks featuring his roles in the iconic blockbuster Wayne’s World and the Adam Sandler classic Billy Madison. The drop is rounded out by art that reimagines Chris’ Chicago-Bears-loving superfan character from Saturday Night Live.

The collection is limited to a total of 166 pieces to ensure collectibility. The sale will be open from September 17 until September 24, 2021. Prices begin at $250.00 and the 1 of 1 Matt Foley is being sold via auction with the minimum bid being 1 ETH.

To view the collection please visit

📻 Edge of NFT Episode Drops

Eddie Ibanez On Crypto Zoo, Logan Paul's NFT Game Of Mating Digital Creatures That Hatch From NFT Eggs

Eddie Ibanez on CryptoZoo, an autonomous ecosystem where zoo owners breed, collect, and trade exotic hybrid animals via NFTs. In this episode, he joins hosts Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Josh Kriger to break down how CryptoZoo works and its allure in the NFT space. It’s not only a fun game for crossbreeding animals and yielding tokens, but the potential to earn real money makes the project even more enticing.

Ada Jonuse of Lympo, The First-Ever Sports NFT Minting Platform

Learn more about NFTs in action as your hosts talk with Ada Jonuse on how she came up with the idea for her startup and how it achieved the success it has today. Lympo is a gamified sports NFT ecosystem that she co-founded in 2016. Join in as the crew explores the business side and the human element of how NFTs are changing sports.

🥚 NFT Nuggets


1inch Network sponsors crypto-themed animated NFT series


Immutable raises $60M for NFT games platform on Ethereum


DKNY to Auction Its First Non-fungible Token to Benefit American Nurses Foundation


Doja Cat Gets Into the NFT Game


Rolexes and Lamborghinis are so yesterday. NFTs are the new digital ‘flex’

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