The Edge of NFT Newsletter | Issue #3

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😍 Listener Love: Learn, Earn, and Build

Metaverse Group X Edge of NFT $100 XDB Giveaway

The Metaverse Group is the first vertically integrated real estate company focused on the metaverse economy in the world. They are giving away $100 worth of XDB to promote their fully integrated metaverse real estate development that is offering a broad spectrum of solutions. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends 8 September 2021)

Koii Network x Edge of NFT 1000 Winner Token Giveaway

Koii Network together with Edge of NFT is giving away 500 Koii Tokens to 1000 winners to celebrate the launch of Finnie Wallet - the wallet that lets you earn crypto on every NFT you ownLearn more here. (Giveaway ends on 9 September 2021)

Frogland X Edge of NFT Notorious Frog NFT Giveaway

Join the spawning pool. Frogland is the Founding District of the NewPangea metaverse, home to the Notorious Frog NFT generative art HODLers. Don’t miss the chance to receive a much-coveted Notorious Frog of Frogland NFT that will come with a free plot of land in the upcoming New Pangea Metaverse. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 10 September 2021)

Dinomonks X Edge of NFT ETH Giveaway

Beginning of an entirely new existence for the dinosaurs. Dinomonk is giving away a total of 1 ETH to 5 winners (each winner will get 0.2 ETH - approx $600 each) to celebrate the launch of the platform. Learn more here. (Giveaway ends on 13 September 2021)

⭐ Featured Show

Gamifying Digital Currency with Jesse Tevelow of Praise

Wanting to make the (online) world a better place, Jesse Tevelow started Praise, a gamified digital currency that makes NFT trading more human and enjoyable. He joins the crew to share his work in making currency valuable to everyone again by giving more attention to its conscience side. 

Affordable Green Music NFT Platform with One Of’s Co-founders Lin Dai, Joshua James, and Adam Fell

The time for incorporating NFT into music is here. One Of is an NFT platform built specifically for the music community to create an environmentally sustainable and artist and fan-friendly experience. This is One Of's first podcast interview with all three founders.

📻 Edge of NFT Episode Drops

Episode 35: Michael Gord Of Metaverse Group On The Digital Real Estate Boom

There's a whole world of NFTs out there you may not have explored yet. Literally. Michael Gord, co-founder and CEO of GDA Capital and MLG Blockchain, is here to share the Metaverse Group's vision of real estate in the virtual world naming the benefits of scooping some sweet digital properties now rather than later.

Episode 36: Snoop Frog, Gamabunta & Shrimp McFly Of Frogland On Building The New Pangea Metaverse NFT Playground For Frogs

In this episode, it’s time to meet three people trying to make a splash and leave their mark in the NFT universe with their new project, Frogland! The Frogland team discusses the creation of their metaverse, how their NFT differs from other NFT projects and how the community drives the progress of this imaginative project.

🥚 NFT Nuggets


Teens Cash in on the NFT Art Boom


Louis Vuitton's mobile NFT game hits 500,000 downloads in the first week


DinoMonks, the first NFT project focused solely on mental health and wellness.


Fortune is Selling Its Newest Cover Design as NFT Art


NFT artist Pplpleasr: How crypto changed my life

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